Musical Beds: Unexpected visitors and siblings sharing a bedroom

Musical Beds: Unexpected visitors and siblings sharing a bedroom

Story time.

Finally able to read books together without the little one running off!

We have made a transition and our two girls, now aged 4 and 19 months are sharing a bedroom. Other than the occasional early wake-up call, it’s gone pretty seamlessly. Our youngest (for the next 6 weeks at least) is still in a crib and the elder is in a twin bed. They both like their rest so once they’re asleep, we’ve been in the clear.

The only major transition was the nighttime ritual. Previously, we had been taking them up around the same time and using the divide and conquer method. My husband would read to one while I got the other settled and topped off with a small bottle. Going to bed at the same time was out of the question as our two little chatterboxes would keep each other up if we let them.

To help with the transition, I started taking up our younger daughter at the normal bedtime and getting her settled. She drifts off into dreamland fairly quickly, so with a delay of 15 minutes or so, our older daughter quickly follows. However, she’s been known to enjoy a good book or ten. At bedtime, we’ve already read to her and then allowed her to take one book to bed to “read” as she falls asleep. At times, this has led to “reading aloud” and singing in bed for a time before she finally goes to sleep. To combat waking the babe, we’ve taken to putting our eldest to sleep in our bed and then moving her when we go up to bed. All in all, this has solved any nighttime woes (and dealt with any bed wetting problems as we make her take a trip to the potty as we move her to her bed).

This was the case last night as I went up and moved her to her room. Yet, when my husband came up a short while later, he found a small form curled up next to me in our bed. Being only six weeks from D-day with our third child, I had clearly fallen asleep and was none the wiser! Considering the stumbling and grumbling that I had to endure on the potty run, I’m amazed that she managed to wake up again. I don’t think she opened her eyes once!

On the flip side, our youngest was up pretty early this morning and started talking and singing almost immediately. When we went in to release her from crib prison…our eldest was curled up in her blankets and still fast sleep! Apparently, the noise wasn’t going to keep her from getting her rest.

Our advice for transitioning kids into sharing a room:
1. Talk it up! Get them excited about the idea.
2. Be prepared for some early mornings…it’s inevitable, but they do get better at sleeping later.
3. Make noise! Even before you make the transition, don’t keep a silent house. We live in an old house so they were well used to hearing each other long before they started sharing a space.
4. Be consistent. Like any change, they may rebel at first. But keep on keeping on and things will usually iron themselves out…eventually.
5. Don’t be afraid to make small changes to their routine. Small changes over time quickly become just part of their normal routine. Especially with older kids, just explain the changes and usually they can adapt fairly well once they know what to expect.

Our itty bitty nursery.

Our nursery is rather short on space, as is the rest of our little cottage. It’s approximately 9 feet by 9 feet, but one wall is almost entirely taken up by a closet and our stacked washer/dryer. Another wall has a door in one corner, so cramming the needed furniture and trappings has been difficult to say the least.

Last weekend I reorganized the closet so we could at least accommodate our laundry hamper, vacuum, linen closet, my non-maternity clothes AND…a teeny bit of space for our baby’s needs. Oh and the same closet also houses our water heater…did I mention we’re low on space?

Once we managed to remove¬†the remains of our guest room furniture from the space, we could finally get a sense of how the nursery will be set up. Here are a few snapshots of what we have so far, though they have yet to find their proper places. We’re going to live with the current arrangement a while to be sure we’re content with it.

The crib and dresser came from a local store that was having a big sale (40% off!)¬† a few months ago. This allowed us to get higher quality pieces but at more reasonable prices. Needless to say, we were very excited about this! We went with a white/antique finish so it’ll complement any color we end up with. The crib also converts to a toddler bed and later to a full-sized bed. If we eventually move to a larger house, this will be ideal for either child or guest room.

We found the rug at a Pottery Barn outlet. For some reason that is completely imperceptible to us, this rug was deemed a “second” and thus relegated to the outlet shelves. We were fortunate enough to find it (actually, my husband spotted it first) so we snatched it up. The one complication is…we have to paint the room. Even though we’re having a girl, we were happy to leave the room the dusky shade of blue it currently is. Once we brought the rug home, my husband took one look and said…”I’m painting it.” As he chose the rug, who am I to argue!?

Our last find was the glider. We don’t have room for one of the larger and more padded models, so if we even purchased a glider…we knew it had to be compact. We finally found a smaller, sleeker model on a discount site and were thrilled when we got it. It’s just the right size and still incredibly comfortable. The only disappointment was the color. It’s a bit dark for our color choices. For now, I threw a blanket over it and in time I can always recover it (when I find the time…and energy, of course).

Now the search is on for bedding and other necessary bits of organization that will complete the room. More to come on those as time goes on!

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