Our nursery is rather short on space, as is the rest of our little cottage. It’s approximately 9 feet by 9 feet, but one wall is almost entirely taken up by a closet and our stacked washer/dryer. Another wall has a door in one corner, so cramming the needed furniture and trappings has been difficult to say the least.

Last weekend I reorganized the closet so we could at least accommodate our laundry hamper, vacuum, linen closet, my non-maternity clothes AND…a teeny bit of space for our baby’s needs. Oh and the same closet also houses our water heater…did I mention we’re low on space?

Once we managed to remove¬†the remains of our guest room furniture from the space, we could finally get a sense of how the nursery will be set up. Here are a few snapshots of what we have so far, though they have yet to find their proper places. We’re going to live with the current arrangement a while to be sure we’re content with it.

The crib and dresser came from a local store that was having a big sale (40% off!)¬† a few months ago. This allowed us to get higher quality pieces but at more reasonable prices. Needless to say, we were very excited about this! We went with a white/antique finish so it’ll complement any color we end up with. The crib also converts to a toddler bed and later to a full-sized bed. If we eventually move to a larger house, this will be ideal for either child or guest room.

We found the rug at a Pottery Barn outlet. For some reason that is completely imperceptible to us, this rug was deemed a “second” and thus relegated to the outlet shelves. We were fortunate enough to find it (actually, my husband spotted it first) so we snatched it up. The one complication is…we have to paint the room. Even though we’re having a girl, we were happy to leave the room the dusky shade of blue it currently is. Once we brought the rug home, my husband took one look and said…”I’m painting it.” As he chose the rug, who am I to argue!?

Our last find was the glider. We don’t have room for one of the larger and more padded models, so if we even purchased a glider…we knew it had to be compact. We finally found a smaller, sleeker model on a discount site and were thrilled when we got it. It’s just the right size and still incredibly comfortable. The only disappointment was the color. It’s a bit dark for our color choices. For now, I threw a blanket over it and in time I can always recover it (when I find the time…and energy, of course).

Now the search is on for bedding and other necessary bits of organization that will complete the room. More to come on those as time goes on!

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