That’s right folks, Adelena is officially crawling, sitting up, pulling up and having an all around, terrible time going to bed. Funny how it all happens at once!

Problem child!

Before the crawling and sitting up fiasco, Lena had a great bedtime routine. She’d happily lay down and her eyes would be getting drowsy before we even left the room. Naps were more of the same. Our more recent efforts have been met with total meltdowns and tantrums like you wouldn’t believe. Despite our growing frustration, is there anything cuter than a mewling pouty face peering pleadingly at you through the bars of the crib? Ok, maybe not after the 2nd or 3rd visit crib-side but it is pretty cute the first time around.

Needless to say, relentless efforts have now begun to end this new little habit.  We’d previously lowered the crib to the lowest setting which is obviously much safer. However, I also believe this has encouraged the standing/pulling-up problem because now she has leverage. All the toys and blankets have been removed other than her bedtime things (Violet for lullabies and bunny snuggle blanket) so there is little distraction. We have blackout curtains and her room is pretty dark even though she goes to bed while it’s still bright out. Not much more we can do!

It’s extremely out of character for Lena to cry. I mean, there usually has to be something seriously wrong for it to even be an option. However, her latest bouts of crying are proving to be just attention-seeking and perhaps induced by a little bit of separation anxiety. It’s fairly obvious since the most intense periods of tantrums usually happen early in the week after spending the entire weekend together as a family. What it’s coming down to is the fact that Lena needs to learn that bedtime = bed. As much as all this is an adjustment for her, we as  parents might have the bigger adjustment.

Despite our desire to constantly soothe any worries and fix all of her problems, we need to teach her some independence. As much as I’d like to go into her when she cries, we have to wait her out and let her understand that once she’s put to bed, there’s no getting out again. In the past, I could easily console her and calm her down enough to return her to bed and let her drift off to sleep. These days, my presence only adds fuel to the fire and makes the situation that much worse.

All I can say is thank goodness we have a video monitor. Even though I didn’t think we needed it, it’s been invaluable! There’s nothing like seeing that tousled little head finally laid down to rest…

…even if it’s on her belly and I know I have to creep in later to turn her over. Progress is progress!

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