It’s hard to believe almost eight months have passed since Adelena was born. Life has a funny way of evolving constantly and yet it’s so difficult to imagine what I did with myself before she got here. Spare time, what’s that?!

I am so thrilled with the time I get to spend with her and going to work every day has not gotten any easier. Our lives are a constant muddle of rushing to and fro, attacking the piles of laundry and trying to get a million things done in the one spare hour or so I have a day. Weekends seem like a distant lifeline to sanity…until they arrive. Despite the extra time we get to spend with Lena, there’s just as much chaos as weekdays. Taking care of Lena doesn’t seem like “work” and I truly enjoy every minute. She’s on a great schedule and for the most part is an extraordinarily easy baby.

Will the chaos ever end? Will it ever get easier to head to work in the morning? I think not. But at least I get to come home to this sweet face every day!


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