There comes a time in every parent’s life when we question our decision making abilities. We all take immense delight in our child’s development and ecstatically encourage each new skill as I emerges. However, there is nothing more horrifying than realizing all of your unfailing encouragement has resulted in a mobile child!

Having a child who can move is life changing. I’m not even saying a full-fledged crawler, even a scooter will do it. Gone are the days of darting into the other room to switch the laundry or a quick run up the stairs to grab a pair of shoes. Nowadays, you turn your back for one second and mischief is brewing! Be it a potted plant, a low shelf of heavy pots or that clump of pet hair you forgot to pick up…baby has set her sights and is determined to find the exact wrong moment in which to strike. No speck is too small and no distance too far for the intrepid and fearless baby. Parents and caretakers beware!

That said, it’s so fun to watch them go!

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