Between teething, emerging personalities and learning new tastes and textures it’s always a struggle to find easy to prepare foods that are healthy and relatively quick and simple. Most of my attempts to disguise veggies in Lena’s favorite foods, she never fails to find me out!

Cauliflower hidden in mac n’ cheese completely failed. She literally spent 30 minutes picking out the pasta and removing every last trace of the offending veg.
Healthy quesadillas were a favorite for a while but are no longer an options (perhaps the texture with her sore teeth). Grilled chicken was a huge part of most meals but now she barely touches the stuff.

I’m sure that some of these changes can be attributed to her little brain learning to manipulate us, but I also think she’s craving more variety and new tastes.


Tofu pups, peas, corn, veggie pouches, oatmeal, pasta (of any sort usually), almost any fruit, beans, yogurt etc. are all still on the menu but I’m quickly running out of options to spice things up. Even the always coveted cheerios are off the current list! Meal times are always a challenge because we literally arrive home from work and start throwing together leftovers or something quick and easy to cook.

What are your kids eating?

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