I’ve been in denial for weeks, hoping this stage will just wait a bit longer to surface. I mean, babies are supposed to sit in one place and be perfectly content for hours right?!

Maggie is on the cusp of crawling. I mean, literally…any day now she’ll be stalking across the floor to gleefully pull on her sister’s ‘oh so tempting’ curls (Hair has long been a fascination for her.). Gone are the days of stranding her in the jumper while the rest of us buzz around in our various pursuits. Lately, she’s only happy if she’s sitting in the middle of the room with toys strewn all around her. That way, she can cast about in any direction and snag something of interest before growing bored and flinging it away. Eventually, she teeters just a smidgen too far and ends up on her belly (or just face planting in the rug, no big) and sqwuaks in irritation until someone has mercy and pulls her upright again.  Then with a devilish grin she repeats the process all over again.




So far, I’ve managed to discourage Lena from attempting this maneuver as I’m fairly sure it’ll end badly. Probably for Lena. The sweet little girl isn’t quite sure what to make of her little sis’ new-found mobility. We’ve been talking a lot about sharing again since it’s taken on a whole new meaning now that Maggie can more adequately defend her own territory. Gone are the days of stealing toys and skipping away with a blithe, “Maggie sharing me, Mommy.” Sure love, of course she is.

Watch out world…Maggie will shortly be on the move!

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