You’ve all seen those moms who are always calm, collected and have the perfect solution in any situation that arises. Without hesitation they pull out band-aids, spare children’s clothing, snacks…you name it and adeptly handle whatever is thrown their way.

Well, I am not one of these moms. The only feasible way I can see to be this type of mom is to load myself down with an overstuffed, suitcase sized diaper bag that is more likely to spew its contents in an awkward puddle than contain anything useful for the task at hand.

I’ve spent the first three months of Adelena’s life approximately 30 minutes from my home town. This means a 30 minute car ride for every doctor’s visit an visit to my family. Each trip turned into a whole day affair to accommodate naps and ensure I didn’t have a screaming baby in the car. Thirty minutes driving can feel like an eternity! I’d pack my diaper bag chock full of everything I thought if need and was constantly forgetting certain items.

That said, there are a few things I’ve learned in the past two months that have helped immensely!

As soon as something in your bag runs low, replace it! Just use the remainder at home and you won’t risk running out of something at the worst possible moment.

A family friend kindly have us a monogrammed bag that holds all the small items I might need like diaper creams, vaseline, extra wipes, pacifiers, etc. As long as I keep this well stocked, I’ll never be without those crucial items.

You can begin to estimate the number of diapers you’ll use per day fairly quickly. I try to keep my diaper bag stocked with approximately one day’s supply so I know I’m covered.

Extra onesies and an extra pair of pants can never go wrong. There are days I’ve gone through three or four shirts in a morning and you never know when a spectacular diaper blow-out will strike!

Bibs are your friend! Protect those cute outfits with a much easier to replace bib.

Burp cloths are gold. Find a brand or type you like and always have a few extra on hand. I even keep a few in the car for those really crazy days.

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