Why do busy days feel so unproductive?

Why do busy days feel so unproductive?

After a crazy busy week the house is a wreck, the kitchen is worse and the laundry is a mile high.


This is halfway finished…with the washing, you don’t want to see the folding pile.

I actually managed to cook for a change and even made a loaf of bread.

Then this happened…


Needless to say the rest of the day was a bit discombobulated. The list of ‘To Dos’ is still a mile long….how does that happen?

I guess that’s a lesson in just letting the day take you where it will. It’s impossible to stay in control so don’t let the chaos stress you out!

Essential Apps for Organization

Essential Apps for Organization

I’ve been focused a lot lately on finding some ways better organize my life. Two kids, work, pets, feeding all those things, house, cleaning, projects, activities, and so on! I’m usually a fairly organized person but I kept feeling like certain things were slipping through the cracks. We’d let things slide for a week or so and suddenly find us scrambling with huge projects trying to get back on track.

I’m calling a halt to that slipshod behavior (as far as I am able)! Room by room I’m putting everything to rights and creating a system of organization that requires a minimal effort. That’s the key here, very little effort. We lead busy lives and I don’t want to detract from our free time when I don’t have to.

So here are some apps for organization that have become an integral part of my process:

Peapod – we get most of our groceries at Stop & Shop, this is their app. Whenever I (or my hubbie) think of something we need, we add it to our grocery list. Then, whoever stops at the store has a fairly up to date list of the essentials. So simple. (This could also be done with a shared grocery list app like AnyList.)

AwesomeNote – I went through a LOT of todo list apps. I wanted one that was super fast and easy to use but organized! This app allows for recurring tasks so I can set up chores or repeated household things ahead of time and trust in my Todo list! There’s nothing more satisfying than ticking off the last item for the day and just focusing on family or me time.

FitBit – I got one a few months ago and love how it helps push me to be more active on my sedentary work days. Also, it tracks my sleep so if I had a rough night, I know to push for an earlier bedtime so I can recharge.

GrooveBook – I snap TONS of pictures all day but I can’t remember the last time I printed any! A friend turned me on to this app which prints 100 pictures of your choosing for a minimal monthly fee! How great is that??

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