Bitter Sweet Happy Ending

Bitter Sweet Happy Ending

My husband had a tiny cottage before we got married. We actually lived there for about a year after we got married until shortly after our daughter was born. A variety of factors led us to move when she was three months old and we’ve rented it out ever since. We have been trying to sell it for quite some time and finally, it’s time to say goodbye.

We spent a few hours there recently with both our girls, taking down the last remnants of our life there. They had a great time…


For us, it was a bit harried as we tried to coral our youngest, who is intent on getting into everything she shouldn’t.


As we drove toward home, we had no regrets. But there is definitely a feeling of bitter sweet reminiscing. This was our real first home together and we worked hard to make it our own. We are lucky in that we can take pieces of it with us and always hold on to those memories.

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