At home infant diagnostics

At home infant diagnostics

Does anyone else have kids that barely show symptoms when they’re sick? Mine are like little steam engines that keep chugging along even though they might have a hitch in their step. We stay the course, knowing they are not quite themselves and yet, not sick enough to warrant a doctor visit.

Almost 2 weeks ago, this started with our eight month old. She was just not quite herself but didn’t have any symptoms that suggested a serious problem. We ended up with a doctor visit just to be on the safe side and came home with both an ear infection and a rash. About five days after starting the antibiotics a low fever developed. Again, not really a concern but given the fact that she was already on medication, slightly worrying. After another day with a slightly higher fever we had a follow-up with the doctor. Happily, the ear infection and rash were much improved and no sign of any other problems. What is up with the mystery fever!?

This isn’t the first time we’ve had an inexplicable fever in the past few months. It seems every time we calm things down, get a decent nights sleep…it all begins again. Then, just as suddenly, everything clears up and we have our incredibly happy bouncing baby back again. So we breathe a sigh of relief and life goes on.

It’s all in the name of germ exposure. Maybe we should clean that pacifier once in a while when it hits the floor? Kidding! However, I’ll take these small bouts of discomfort any day provided it helps build their immunity in the long haul.

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