Toy organization. Help!

Toy organization. Help!

We have recently embarked on an endeavor to earn a little extra income. In turn, we’ve had to do some reorganizing at home. The result? Kid toys need a new home!

The main goal is to have a tidy place to store toys with out overrunning our family space.

I’ve long thought of purchasing an Ikea shelving unit and baskets to hold all the bits. However, we don’t have a lot of wall space and currently the best area available is in a hallway. Too cluttered? Possibly.


Another reservation is the very modern look of Ikea furniture when we live in an old house. I was on the verge of purchasing an Expedit unit this spring only to find Ikea had discontinued it and had not yet released it’s replacement! Fortunately, this dilemma is now solved with a new model called Kallax.

Alternatively, we have a door in our living room which is not original to the house. We almost never use it so can easily put furniture in front that buys us about five feet of wall space (though not a lot of height as there is a window in the door)!

We likely need some out if the box ideas to tackle this dilemma!

The other obvious choices are:

Baskets beneath our favorite coffee table, already home to puzzles and diapering station.


Or a tall, narrow bookshelf.


Obviously this is a work in progress. Brain wracking to be continued….

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