Sticking with your commitment to healthy habits

Sticking with your commitment to healthy habits

With the start of the New Year there’s a large increase in healthy eating, which usually means more people are working on healthy habits. As a family, this is a goal we’ve been working on for some time though we still have a long way to go. Looking back over the past year, I can say that I’m really surprised at how far we’ve come.

The whole journey started after our 2nd child was born in November of 2013. We weren’t happy with our health, our energy levels or our eating habits.  With a toddler in the house that was regularly fed a very balanced diet, we were forced to realize that our own diets weren’t quite so balanced or nutritious. As our inquisitive toddler was sure to see the dichotomy here, we made a commitment to improve our own eating and exercise habits in order to set the best example possible.

Over the next few months, we made small and gradual changes that we pushed ourselves to make into healthy habits. We exercised more, took time to cook healthy meals, invested our time in learning more about how to improve our eating habits, made small changes in our home and schedules to accommodate our new goals and so on. It’s actually difficult to pinpoint what each step was because they were small and the process felt gradual and is still evolving to this day. I can vividly remember looking at a few of the sites I regularly use today (for recipes and advice) thinking, that’s way too hardcore for us. Fast forward to a few months later, and those same websites are my current staples.

Beyond food, we’ve been exercising more and took steps to make that a priority. Sure, there are days and weeks when we slip up or life gets in the way. I took almost a month off in December due to all the family gatherings and our crazy schedule. Could I have made time for it? Yes!! Did I feel as good as I have for most of last year? Nope! Lesson learned. It can be really difficult to keep something going (even when you know the results are worth it) when it requires extra work on your part. Getting up at 5:30 am is HARD! Especially when the sky is pitch black, your bed is cozy and warm, the baby was up during the night and you know you have a million other things to do later that day. Despite my laziness, I can honestly say that starting back up was no picnic at first, but now I’m back in gear and loving the benefits once again. It’s worth the extra effort to keep those healthy habits going, even on the worst days!

It’s pretty amazing how much our lives have changed in the past year. We’ve gone from having a new house, a toddler new baby and a sluggish and unhealthy lifestyle to having a toddler and a pre-schooler, much healthier habits, a new love for cooking as a family and a huge increase in energy. All those things have made us more productive in our daily lives too. We’ve taken time to pursue personal and family goals and plan for our future. It can be so frustrating at times because you feel like you’re making all of these positive changes but not really seeing any results. I’m here to tell you, the results are coming! Even now, they’re not big changes but I can definitely see how far we’ve come and can only imagine on how those changes will start to affect our lives exponentially.  It’s a work in progress and will be for some time to come. but we’re moving in the right direction.

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Making Time for New Mom’s Health

By Katie Moore

A brand new baby in the house is a wonderful, exciting addition to the family that requires a lot of work and attention. After nine months of pregnancy, a woman’s body needs time to heal and recover, yet new moms are so busy that it seems impossible to make time for their own well-being. With a little bit of thought and planning, it is actually not so difficult to get moving and work exercise back into the routine.

Recovery after childbirth can take some time, and new moms should not expect to get their pre-baby bodies to return very quickly. Some doctors recommend waiting six weeks after birth before starting exercise, but this timeline with vary depending on the situation. A mother should share her post-delivery plans with her doctor; much like the preparations she made with her doctor concerning her babies health with immunizations and the optional umbilical cord blood banking, a doctor should be used to help make sure a mother’s post-delivery health plans are in fact healthy for her.

The best way, by far, to fit exercise into a new mom’s schedule is to multi-task. Even the littlest babies will typically enjoy some fresh air and change of scenery, so mom and baby can share bonding and cooing time while walking around a park or the neighborhood. Some moms use naptime as a time for exercise. Baby can sleep soundly in the crib while mom uses an exercise DVD in the living room.

In addition to exercise, it is important to continue eating healthy meals. Breastfeeding moms will still need extra calories, and it is important that these calories come from nutritious food and not be empty calories from junk food. Eating healthy meals and staying hydrated will not only help get the pre-baby body back, but good nutrition will also aid in breast milk production and keep new moms feeling their best.

Some of the best foods for weight loss are fruits and vegetables, as well as lean protein. Although it may seem like there is no time for new moms to prepare and eat healthy meals, it is really in the best interest of the whole family. It is important to set an example so that young children will grow up with healthy eating habits. A lot of new moms prepare frozen meals on weekends, or even before the baby arrives, so they can put dinner straight into the oven when it is time to eat.

Even though it may simply take time to get the pre-baby body back, making time for nutrition and exercise will make it return faster. It may seem impossible for new moms to make time for themselves, but it is important for the whole family to live a healthy and happy lifestyle.

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