Just when you hit your stride and begin to see light in your exhaustion filled days. During your triumphant visit to the pediatrician to report a decent nights sleep you get the dreaded news…your baby has developed flat head! Good sleepers are prone to flat head, go figure.

The good news is that despite your inevitable incessant worrying, most cases resolve themselves on their own. It’s essentially a cosmetic problem and as the baby spends more time upright or on their belly, the head gradually returns to a more rounded shape. In many cases, the worry is more about the muscles on one side of the neck losing flexibility because of the tendency to turn a certain direction.

The bad news is that despite having myriad sources tell you this information, you’ll probably spend hours examining your baby’s head from every angle. You mean it’s not normal to take weekly pictures of the top of your child’s head? Hmm. How about obsessively using sleep positioners to angle her to sleep facing the opposite of her favored direction?

Let’s just say we are improving but we are not out of the woods yet!

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