Traveling in general is always a bit of a chore, but the rewards are usually huge! Traveling with a toddler on a trans-atlantic flight? That might be something else altogether…

Needless to say, we’re braving it. We are making a few final plans and getting ready to pack our bags to visit my relatives for the first time since Lena was born. We are THRILLED to be able to make the trip and so far, we are optimistic we’ll accomplish it with little fuss. Provided Lena cooperates and sleeps on command. Easy right?

Our bags will mostly contain the necessities, clothes, toiletries and the like. One large duffel with sweaters, coats and other somewhat light things will also contain the pack n’ play (we’re staying with relatives so having a containment field is completely necessary).

Other than that, we have the extreme advantage of priority boarding! As the proud parents of one screaming toddler, we have the benefit of stalking to the gate ahead of everyone else while loaded down with car-seat (in plane containment, totally necessary!), stroller, diaper bag and carry-on bags. We’re going to attempt to pack light as hopefully our little cherub will be completely exhausted from tearing around the airport for hours that she’ll pass out once we lift off.

In the diaper bag (mom’s magical bag o’ tricks) we’ll have diapers (duh!), wipes (lots of ’em), a few snacks (airlines provide toddler meals, who knew?!), sippy cup/bottle, pacifiers (ear pressure relief), various meds (tylenol, motrin etc….yes, we’re currently getting molars), lovies (can’t leave home without them), books and other entertainment devices (though hopefully they won’t be needed). Oh, and don’t forget at least two changes of clothes…between airport, airplane and car rental…we’re bound to need a few. Toys seem unnecessary as she’s usually way too distracted to play with any and if we need distraction I’d prefer it be the calm, quiet sort.

I’m really trying to travel with less clutter. Every time we go away, it seems we completely move in…even if we’re only visiting for a weekend. Usually we have the benefit of our own car, so we hardly pack light since we have extra space. But since we’ll be wrestling bags, stroller, carseat and very tired toddler…I think we’ll do better using the “less is more” philosophy.

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