I’m going back to work soon and have been dreading the amount of pumping I’ll be doing to keep Maggie well fed. I don’t think I’ve met any mom who enjoys the expressing process and most I’ve spoken to really dislike it. I have an electric pump and used it with our first daughter. It worked fine, I got a decent supply of milk and I put up with the awful whooshing sound.

This time around brings some changes. I’ll be working part time and Maggie is a very different eater than Lena was. A friend mentioned she’d had better success with a manual pump saying it actually worked faster for her. I’m game to try anything to make this process less onerous!

Manual pumps are pretty reasonable so I purchased one by Lansinoh and I’ll be putting it to the test. So far I like how you have much more control and can mimic your babies natural feeding much more accurately. I can see how it might get a bit tedious and yet, if it works more effectively for some…perhaps it will cut down the amount of time I spend expressing.

I’m looking forward to a change if nothing else!

It does seem like a worthwhile test for anyone who struggles with expressing or just wants a change to the process. At such a reasonable cost it is hard to pass up.

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