Or maybe just a morning!

We actually managed to get dressed upstairs today, only because the toddler had wet through her pull-up and we had to change out of pajamas. At least we managed to roll that into some straightening up of our rooms but mostly because we had to change all the linens. Dressed beds, exciting!

We even managed a few more chores while the babe took a short nap. Laundry time is a blast. Especially when soaking poop stained clothes. Fingers crossed the stains come out! It’s only the fourth, epic poop explosion of the week.

Next up was story time while I fed the babe. Pleas for TV went unrewarded. We don’t let her watch that much, I swear! Why does she ask constantly?!


Time to tease the babe! She doesn’t seem amused.


Little mommy had to mimic everything baby sis was doing…


…including tummy time.


During babe’s nap we decided to make cookies (after a clean up session, where did all these toys come from??), friends are visiting tomorrow!


Best part is eating the ingredients of course.


Lunch was a success until we had a disagreement over what type of crackers were on offer. Fortunately, that resolved without real tears.


Real tears erupted when I refused more crackers…off to bed!


Toddler down and baby up, is there room under there for me?


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